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Area 1 Digital Resources
Activity 1.1 Search for Open Educational Resources (OER)
Activity 1.2 Modify existing digital content by using Wikis
Activity 1.3 Create digital educational resources
Activity 1.4 Curate and organise digital resources
Activity 1.5 Apply open licenses to your resources
Area 2 Teaching
Activity 2.1 Design your own eLearning intervention
Activity 2.2 Implement ICT-supported collaborative learning
Activity 2.3 Guide and support students through e-moderation
Activity 2.4 Foster knowledge co-creation among students
Activity 2.5 Create and select video resources for your teaching
Activity 2.6 Use games to improve learners engagement
Area 3 Assessment
Activity 3.1 Explore digitally supported assessment strategies
Activity 3.2 Experiment with different technologies for formative assessment
Activity 3.3 Analyse evidence on learning activity, performance and progress
Activity 3.4 Use digital technologies to provide targeted feedback to learners
Area 4 Empowering Learners
Activity 4.1 Critically evaluate online tools
Activity 4.2 Discover the cost of “free” commercial social media platforms
Activity 4.3 Appreciate opportunities and risks of personalization in learning
Activity 4.4 Check technical accessibility of platforms and resources
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