Are we using properly other creators’ contents?

Whenever someone wants to publish digital content under the shape of “REA” they must do it in a legal way, which means, that; first of all, they ought to chech whether they are protected with any type of rights. And in regards with open licenses, we must make sure that they respect the terms of the licenses, thus, attributing correctly its resources.

Moreover, should someone to publish  a video, a comment on any platform, photos… they should consult the publishers, and protect their privacy rights according to the different laws.

Lastly, an open license is an agreement that some users concerive in order to give more freedom when someone wants to publish their content. We can find two types: first, the “public license GNU” which is used in software, and the “Creative Commons”. These last ones offer a list of purposes, specifying the way in which someone can share or modify others’ content; such as:

– Atribution: say the name of the author.

– Share-Equal: other people resources can be shared and shown.

– Comercial: indicate that your work has lucrative aims.

– Derivates: capacity to modify somebody’s work.

All credits to: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary on my findings about Open Licenses. by Gema López Sánchez is marked with CC0 1.0 Universal