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Welcome to the EduHack Collective Posting Space. Here you can compose and publish posts about your experiences related to the EduHack course or an EduHackathon you did or will attend. When you click on the “Write” menu above, you will find yourself in the online editor of an example blog post that you should feel free to use to create your own content.

Please remember that you are not obliged to disclose your name, you are free to use or hide your identity as you wish, but we will ask for your real email address, so that we can send you an email with a unique URL to an editable version of your blog post.

Blogging is a way of incorporating reflective practice into your professional life, of sharing what you know with others and a way to develop a wider professional network. So, whether you are posting as yourself or under a cover name, to fully complete the EduHack course activities, you will be required to regularly share blog posts. The more involved you get with the activities the more you will recognise the need of a personal blog, so we recommend that you consider registering one.

Enjoy our course and thank you for contributing to the project’s success with your thoughts and feedback.